9 Eye Makeup Tips Beginners Secretly Want to Know

There are mornings when eyes have dark circles, and the skin is very pale. This is where the right makeup comes to your rescue. But do you think that you know everything to enhance your face? Think again! Some makeup tips can transform your makeup routine, whether it’s an overlooked grandmother’s trick or a tried-and-true beauty routine.

With flawless complexion, sublimated lips, shine-free T-zone, worked eyebrows, and enhanced eyes, you can look radiant. To achieve a captivating eye makeup look, you can book makeup services online through us in just three clicks. Or just keep reading to master the skill and do makeover yourself like a professional.

Eye Makeup Hacks that Promise Amazing Transformations!

While some take more time to enhance the look and the lips, others concentrate their efforts on working on the complexion. In short, every woman has her makeup routine. So, no matter what area you like to enhance with your makeup, you’re sure to have a favorite beauty tip. Here are some of these secret beauty tips that you adopt as your own:

1.  Use White Powder for a Hypnotic Eye Makeup Look

First, some have XXL eyelashes, and then others opt for false eyelashes as soon as the opportunity arises. If you fall into the second category of girls, reassure yourself quickly because a new beauty ally comes to your rescue: transparent powder. Yes, the same one you put on top of your foundation to make it stick. A mascara, an eyelash curler, and a few touches of powder: this is the formula for having a hypnotic look. An excellent alternative to makeup powder? The talc!

2.  Each Eye Shape Has Its Line of Eyeliner

After mascara, eyeliner is the must-have eye makeup product. But to enjoy a mesmerizing look, you have to know how to make the right line of eyeliner. So, if you have eyes that are a little far apart, you probably want to create the illusion that they are closer.

The right makeup tips? Line your eyeliner from the inside out, starting at the inner corner of the eye. Draw a thick, elongated line to stretch the look for round eyes. Make slant eyes bigger by cheating on the size of your eyelids.

Create a line beyond the mobile eyelid and stretch it slightly outwards. For a “doe eye” effect, go up towards the eyebrows. Unlike distant eyes, the makeup trick for the close look gives the illusion of a larger space by starting the eyeliner in the middle of the eye. In this case, avoid thick lines.

3. Point on Applying False Eyelashes

In fringes or tufts, false eyelashes enhance each look. However, you have to know how to apply them without making mistakes. First, it is important to try them without glue to avoid a bad surprise: too long, too short, we cut! Then, we apply mascara on his natural eyelashes to facilitate the installation of the false pair.

The glue will set more easily once on the eyelids, thanks to makeup. The right makeup trick when applying false eyelashes? Draw a fine line of eyeliner to imagine the base. As for the glue application, we put a little on the back of the hand. Then we spread it on the base of the eyelashes. Be careful, and cosmetic glues tend to be too liquid. It is, therefore, best to let the product dry for a few seconds (30-40) before applying it to the eyes.

4. Apply Your Concealer in a Triangle Like a Pro

To make things clear, put your concealer in an “inverted triangle” under the eyes and not in a “smile.” This is the most practical method to hide dark circles and enhance the look. Apply the creamy material using a brush, tapping lightly to blend the product into the foundation. Finally, finish with a veil of powder to fix the whole thing well.

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5.  Lower Your Eyes While Applying Your False Eyelashes

When it comes to applying false eyelashes, concentration is essential. So, you lower your gaze and apply your false eyelashes using your index fingers, as close as possible to the natural eyelashes, starting with the outer corner of your eye before going up towards the middle.

The shorter lashes lay inwards, while the longer ones go outwards. For them to hold, we press on the ends. Finally, we finish with a mascara and a little highlighter on the cheeks and temples. There!

6.  Tip to Give a Second Life to Your Dry Mascara

Has your mascara become dry and is no longer helpful? Carefree! We have the makeup trick you need to give it a second life!

Well-known for fortifying hair and eyelashes, castor oil blends very easily with dry mascara to prolong its use. Pour 2-3 drops (maximum) on the brush, mix, and it’s done! Be careful, though. Your mascara should never become too liquid!

7.  Divert Your Eyeshadow into Eyeliner

Having several eyeliners of different colors can be very lovely but very expensive. Stop tearing your budget apart because there’s an easy little trick to turn every eyeshadow into a custom eyeliner. For this purpose, get an angled brush, pour a few drops of water into the lid of your favorite shadow, and dip the brush in it to get it.

Swipe the latter through eyeshadow to create a creamy consistency and apply as if you were using regular eyeliner. Let dry without blinking. So that the line does not flow during the day, apply transparent powder.

8.  White Pencil to Apply in the Inner Corner of the Eye

It’s not always easy to have a white pencil in the beauty bag for the same price. You can buy a nice colored eyeliner. At the risk of disappointing you, the white pencil is a must-have that every woman must have in her makeup gear.

Although it seems obvious, this magical product creates an optical illusion when used on the inner part of the eye. It enlarges and opens the eyes in no time. So, if you have eyes that are too small, forget the black pencil or marry it with a white line.

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9. Eyeliner In Total Look: Top or Flop?

Both feminine and graphic, eyeliner is a classic highly prized by makeup enthusiasts. There are several ways to achieve a beautiful eyeliner and get a doe look: basic line, cat’s eye, pin-up, or cartoon. However, it is not always easy to choose and perform the right form. In this context, the upper and lower lines should not meet at the inner corner of the eye, as these risks making them look smaller.

Other mistakes to avoid:

  • stretch your eyelid by making the makeup line
  • curl your eyelashes after drawing the line
  • apply eyeliner after applying mascara
  • not considering the shape of his eyes
  • apply eyeliner with eyes closed