Why is My Air Conditioner Making a Strange Noise?

Global warming has raised the temperatures all around the world including in our homeland Pakistan. The temperature is rising every year, which has made it mandatory for households and commercial edifices to integrate AC into their buildings.

AC is not a luxury anymore; it has become a necessity. It is your key to a relaxed and cool summer feel.

This cooling and relaxing effect of AC makes you want it. But do you know what makes you want it more? The absence of this effect. You don’t want to rot in the blistering room under a fan that completely fails in the months of May onwards.

So, we understand when you say that your AC is dear to you. We understand you cannot live without it. This is exactly why we have made it easier for you to resolve all your AC-related emergencies in just 3 clicks. Yes, we are your one-stop-shop for all AC-related emergencies.

Is your AC making noises & Do you need professional AC services at home? keep reading to know the causes and the best solution for it.

Why Strange Noises are Coming from Your AC?

You must be worried about it breaking down as the strange noises are symptoms of some malfunctioning that needs to be checked.

Whenever you hear such noises, call our professional as soon as possible to avoid any further damage that may occur later. Here is an overview of the common reason why an air conditioner can make strange noises:

1. A Noise in the form of Hissing

If your air conditioning system emits a hissing sound, this indicates a probable leak in certain parts of your device. For such a sound to occur and therefore be localized, it is necessary to apply pressure and subsequently check the lines and coils of the air conditioner.

2. A Noise in the form of Buzzing

When the device produces noise in the form of excessive hum, this indicates an electrical problem, either due to a damaged cable or a short circuit. Buzzing is a hazardous sign, and you should never ignore it. If you hear buzzing sounds, you should turn off the device immediately and seek a professional’s help for AC repair services.

3. A Noise in the form of Squeaking

A noise in the form of squeaking can emanate from the air conditioning system when the fan belt at the motor connected to the fan blades is damaged. In fact, this gives rise to a noise similar to that of a damaged belt at a car’s radiator.

The Longer You Wait, the More You Risk!

Not trying to scare you; it is true.

When strange noises coming from your AC, you have to be very proactive and book AC services in Lahore promptly. The procrastination will not only cost you more money on the repairs but also your AC in some cases. Scare, right?

Why Take the Risk? When You Can Get It Fixed!

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