Work-life Imbalance? Tips to Reclaim Control

Work-life Imbalance

We often find ourselves juggling between personal and professional lives. Some of us are making most of both of them; on the other hand, some are failing badly to do justice to either. Why is it so? What factors contribute to the success of one and the defeat of the other group?

Well, to be honest, there can be millions of reasons unique to the situations of the people at hand. However, some factors can be universalized, and we can take help from those for accomplishing our personal and professional goals simultaneously.

Wait! Before jumping into the multitude of these factors, let’s understand the symptoms and causes of work-life imbalance. And after that, we shall learn about the tips for restoring the balance single-handedly. So, keep reading to become a pro!

Symptoms of the Work-life Imbalance

People who cannot balance their personal and professional responsibilities have to face serious consequences. I am not trying to scare you here. This is what many studies and first-hand experiences of numerous people show.

·  Trapped in the Vicious Circle of Disappointments?

Imagine a situation where you are doing amazing at your workplace, but your family suffers. It doesn’t sound fair, right? Whether you are a professional man or a woman, your family depends on you abundantly. On the other hand, there is another situation in which you have taken care of everything at home, but your reputation in your company is an unreliable resource. It must be scary.

So, this leaves you in a situation where despite giving your 100%, you are trapped in an unbreakable circle of disappointments.

·  Suffering Physical Health Deterioration?

Do you feel overwhelmed by work all the time, whether it is an official task or home maintenance? Feeling fatigued all the time? Yes? You are a victim of work-life imbalance. If you continue this way, you will face a drastic deterioration of physical health such as muscle pain, stress-induced stomach problems, and heart problems in worst-case scenarios.

· Experiencing Compromised Mental Health?

Are you facing difficulty in putting yourself to sleep? It is called insomnia, which is triggered when your mind is overworked. Are you always dreading that you will not be able to deliver the assigned task (by your boss or wife) on time?

It is called anxiety, triggered when you have more on your plate than you can handle. And worst for last, are you feeling that you are constantly falling into an abyss of failure, even if you are trying your best? It is called depression, which happens when you try to accomplish the untrainable, like delivering projects on time and managing the Home Maintenance & Personal Care needs (i.e., taking her to the salon) of your wife all by yourself.

Let’s Discuss the Causes of Work-life Imbalance

Like the symptoms, the number of causes that hinder us from balancing our personal and professional lives are many. Here you will be learning about the most pertinent causes:

·  Workaholic or Married to Your Work

Do you feel an unexplainable engagement in your work? Is it that even when you are at home, you are always thinking about work? This is a clear sign that you cannot use the office hours productively. But why? The reason might be your half-mindedness due to work pending at home. So, you can see this will not help your situation in any case.

·  Perfectionism can be Hazardous

Perfection is nothing but an illusion. Whether personal or professional life, ensure giving 100% to the tasks and aiming for the most conducive outcomes. What you should not do is exhaust all energies in doing everything on your own while aiming for perfection. Why? Because this way you will surely be doing injustice to either work or personal life.

· Don’t Seek Professional Help

In case you insist on bringing out perfection, make sure you reach out for professional help. Let us consider a scenario where you have a meeting in two hours, but an urgent plumbing situation emerges at home. Would you spend time making calls to find a plumber or prepare for your meeting? Perplexing right?

Strike Good work-life Balance – Need No Superpowers, Just These Tips

Now, after exploring the symptoms and causes of workplace imbalance, we will learn some effective tips for restoring a good work-life balance.

1. Accept that there is No ‘Perfect’ Work-life Balance

First thing first! There is nothing like a perfect work-life balance. You have to decide on something for yourself that caters to your unique situation. It means if your friend can perform well at the office, take care of his wife’s personal care needs and find a professional electrician without professional help, it doesn’t necessarily mean you can too.

Maybe his job, home, and wife are not as demanding as yours. It doesn’t mean you should be lowering the lifestyle standards you set for your family. Instead, you should accept that you will have to find balance according to your unique situation.

2.  Don’t Work Hard, Work Smart

Yes, that is a rule of thumb! You need to prioritize both personal and professional tasks and make a schedule. As they say, a goal without a plan is just a wish. So, keep this in mind and manage your time strategically. And one more thing, if you think you cannot figure anything out, think again. Remember, you are smarter than you think you are.

3.Pause & Restart

Whenever you get tired of struggling to introduce balance in your work, don’t quit; take a rest instead. Go on a vacation, read a book or watch a movie with your family. Just this strategy will help you come back with more zeal and zest.

4. Focus on Your Health

One of the key factors that will help you reclaim control is your healthy body and mind. To achieve this, you must focus on time management regarding sleep, family time, and work.

5. Seek Professional Help

Ok, now the best for the last – seek the help of a professional. Must be thinking this will also consume time? Not necessarily! You are fortunate enough to be born in the technological age. Now you do not need to look for Home & Personal Care Services providers as you can book a professional in just three clicks through us.

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Kill Two Birds with One Stone

See, you were stressing for no reason. Now you can leave the Home & Personal Care to experts and achieve the official milestones you have set for yourself. And I know you will.

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I hope this article served its purpose of helping you restore your work-life balance. If you think you can add to whatever I said, please feel free to leave a comment below. Thanks!