5 Tips to Keep Your Skin Hydrated During Ramadan

Your skin was so dehydrated all through Ramadan last year, remember? No matter what amount of base you used, you couldn’t get the radiant look on eid day. Heartbreaking! Now this year, you have to adopt a proactive approach to ensure your skin stays hydrated and naturally radiant even after fasting during the holy month.

It is doable and easy.

You just have to follow simple tips like getting a professional massage service to help your skin keep its moisture intact during Ramadan.

Continue reading to learn about these hassle-free tips:

1. Drink Plenty of Water After Breaking Your Fast

Drinking water is essential not only for our skin but our body as a whole. We all ensure its optimum intake for an active body, energetic mind, and radiant skin.

However, during Ramadan, we cannot keep the required water intake because we are fasting. And this situation leads to dehydration of the skin.


Don’t worry; you can avoid skin dehydration even during fasting days. How? All you have to do is the following:

  • Ensure the intake of eight glasses of water from iftar to Sehri.
  • Avoid sugary and carbonated beverages such as juices and sodas with preservatives and caffeine.
  • If you do not like to drink plain water, drink immune system boosting combinations of seasonal fruits infused with lime, mint, and cucumber.

2. Apply Moisturizer After Wudu (Partial Ablution)

During Ramadan, we tend to stay in wudu to maximize our religious activities. It is a very good practice. Although, this makes us wash the pertinent parts more often than usual, which entails dryness.

Stay in wudu; just ensure you moisturize every time you use soap. This habit will help you keep the moisture locked in and allow your skin to stay hydrated.

You can use many products for moisturization, but to get radiant skin, it is advisable to use natural remedies.

PS: You can use the following effective mixture that cancels the effect of dehydration on the skin:

  • Rosewater 3 parts and castor oil 1 part.

3. Get Massage with Essential Oils

Ramadan makes the routine hectic with all the worshiping activities. Also, your body is exhausted due to fasting. To keep yourself functional in this situation and help yourself stay moisturized, you can get a massage.

It is a very effective way of keeping your skin radiant and yourself shining.

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4. Consume Fibers & Antioxidants Rich Snacks

Instead of going for oily meals during Ramadan, it is better to feast on foods rich in antioxidants and fibers. For instance, you can eat pomegranates, almonds, berries (seasonal), and dark chocolate. All the mentioned foods are also high in minerals and vitamins that will energize your body and keep your skin fresh and glowing even during fasting.

5. Get HydraFacial from a Professional

Finally, there is another thing that you should be doing during the fasting month. It is getting hydra facial. It will help your skin retain its moisture and stay radiant.

You can get the best professionals at your doorstep in 60 mins by booking hydra facial services through Mahir Company’s app.

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Bottom line!!

Follow the above-mentioned tips to prevent dehydrated and dry skin during Ramadan. With these, you will be able to stay radiant throughout the fasting month and look ravishing on Eid-ul-Fitr.

Yes, there will be no need for extensive makeup to make up for your patchy and dead skin. So, are you ready for a happy and healthy Ramadan?