Tips for Cleaning Your Carpet at Home

Are your rugs dingy with all the dust and dirt brought in from the outside? It’s time to give them a facelift by cleaning them up! Here are some tips from the pros to clean carpets effectively and safely.

Preparation before Cleaning Carpets

Before moving on to cleaning your carpets, there are a few precautions followed by carpet cleaning services providers that you should take. Firstly, it is essential to read your carpets’ labels to follow the recommended cleaning methods or the recommended washing frequency.

In the same sense, you must take precautions depending on the material or texture of the rugs. If in doubt about the correct wash temperatures, ask your dyer for advice.

To start well, first, do dry cleaning. You can then switch to cleaning with liquid products depending on the situation.

Before cleaning your carpet with any product, always test a very small end of the carpet to check for color stability.

Types of Carpet Cleaning

The following are the two methods that you can use for cleaning your dirty carpets:

Dry Cleaning A Carpet: What to Do?

Vacuuming your carpets about twice a week saves you from having to do a big clean every six months. To do this, use the brush mode and vacuum up and down by making several comings and goings. On the other hand, if your carpet is old and fragile, avoid the brushing method because you risk destroying it and book professional carpet wash services to prevent damage.

Another dry-cleaning tip is to sprinkle baking soda on your carpet and scrub with a brush. Leave the baking soda to act overnight, then inhale.

Carpet Cleaning with Liquids

If your carpet is still not clean and shiny after our dry-cleaning tips, you can use the following techniques.

· Clean Your Carpets with Potatoes

Thanks to the starch they contain, potato peels are a very effective cleaning agent. To enjoy it, make an infusion of potato peelings and soak a sponge in this mixture to clean your carpets. Let the product act for a few hours, then rinse with clean water using a sponge. Finally, let your carpet dry, and it will be like new.

· Sparkling Water + Baking Soda = Clean Carpet Every Time

If your carpet has many stains and begins to lose its colors, you can either book carpet cleaning services or use the combination of sparkling water + baking soda on it. To do this, immerse a sponge in sparkling water and then use it to brush your carpet.

Let the sparkling water sit for about 30 minutes and then sprinkle baking soda on your carpet. All you have to do is wait for the baking soda to dry before vacuuming, and voila!

· Washing a Carpet with White Vinegar

For heavily soiled carpets with grease stains, you can book carpet cleaning Lahore or use white vinegar and dish soap for effective cleaning. To do this, soak a sponge in white vinegar and clean the stains. Let stand for about fifteen minutes, then make a mixture of water and dishwashing liquid mounted in foam. Scrub the carpet with this mixture, then rinse with clean water using a sponge. To dry your carpet, use a clean, dry cloth.

· Clean a Carpet with Ammonia

Another alternative is to add a little ammonia to a sprayer filled with water and soak the stain to be removed with this mixture. Afterward, rub the stain using a damp sponge, clean everything with a dry cloth and let dry.

How to Avoid Dirtying Your Carpet?

Perhaps the easiest way to maintain a carpet is to avoid dirtying it… although this is not always easy in cities like Karachi! Regular maintenance is the most efficient way to keep your carpet clean, so you should book carpet cleaning Karachi to ensure it.

Before using a product, make sure of the result by testing your cleaning on a small end of the carpet and then start on the entire carpet. Finally, remember that if you clean a stain, you will surely have to clean your entire carpet to have a harmonious result.

Do Not Have the Time, Energy, or Skill to Do the Carpet Cleaning Yourself?

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