How Do I Clean My Sofa? Tips & Tricks

Your sofa is starting to look gray and you are wondering how to give it a fresh look? There are two ways to handle this issue: you can either book sofa cleaning services or use tips for cleaning your sofa. If you want to go for the second option this article will be a big help for you.

Tips for Sofa Cleaning at Home

The following are some important tips for cleaning three different kinds of sofas by yourself:

· Leather Sofa Cleaning

Leather being a fragile material, it is recommended not to rub it when cleaning it. To ensure its maintenance, clean it by dabbing with soft cloths.

How to thoroughly clean your leather sofa?

  1. Sprinkle powder on the leather sofa and gently massage the leather with gloves on. It will allow the powder to penetrate properly.
  2. Leave on overnight, then vacuum in the morning.
  3. You can repeat this operation if necessary.

This tip is suitable for greasy leather sofas without stains as well as suede sofas.

Using Glycerine Soap for Leather Sofa Cleaning

You can also clean your leather sofas using a glycerine soap with a damp sponge or moisturizing milk (for the body or the face) with the addition of a little white vinegar.

Using Clay stone for Leather Sofa Cleaning

To clean a stain, sofa wash services providers use claystone, you can do it too. Using a cotton ball impregnated with claystone, clean the sofa in circular motions without rubbing. For an even more satisfactory result, you can add a drop of ammonia to the cotton.

· Fabric Sofa Cleaning

Although choosing sofa cleaning services is an easier option, but if you do not want to opt for it try using some sofa cleaning tips. Before any cleaning, you must first think about dusting the fabric sofa. To remove a stain from a fabric sofa, never wash it with plenty of water and always test the stain remover on an inconspicuous area to avoid discoloration.

Using Soapy Water for Fabric Sofa Cleaning

First, soak up the excess stain with a paper towel. As a general rule, soapy water (Marseille soap or black soap) is sufficient. For wine stains, add sparkling water, then rub and rinse.

Using Baking Soda for Fabric Sofa Cleaning

Baking soda is also a very effective product: sprinkle it on and work on the stain with very little water. Leave on for 2 hours, then vacuum. If the stain is too encrusted, gently rub the area where you put the baking soda with a soft bristle brush and then wash your fabric.

Using white vinegar + water for Fabric Sofa Cleaning

Another tip for cleaning a fabric sofa is to use a mixture of equal parts, white vinegar, and water. Soak a sponge with this mixture and wring it out. Clean the sofa using circular motions. Finish with another slightly damp sponge to rinse and a dry cloth to dry as much as possible.

· Microfiber Sofa Cleaning

The first step in cleaning a microfiber sofa is to dust it with your vacuum cleaner.

To remove a stain from a microfiber sofa, clean it with a cloth dampened with a mixture of cold water and alcohol at 70 ° C in equal proportions.

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