Do You Know Your House Paint is Affecting Your Mood?

It is well known that colors have an influence on us whether physiological or psychological. They can do us a lot of good in our daily lives. Generally, the choice of colors in decoration is decided according to our tastes, but several experts believe that colors have an effect on emotions and mood. That is why it is important to become aware of the pros and cons of the desired color before booking Painter services in Lahore.

11 Common House Paint Colors & Their Psychological Implications

1. Blue – Inspires Creativity & Better Sleep

Appreciated by all, blue represents the sky and the water. Blue is the color of freedom and fun. This color promotes reflection, physical and mental relaxation, and serenity. It is for these reasons that this color is ideal for bathrooms. This tint applied to the walls of your bedroom can help you sleep better, as it promotes deep and peaceful sleep.

Electric blue will energize and bring a theatrical note to your room. Pale blue, on the other hand, promotes creativity. It is therefore recommended to decorate the office or study room. In order to stimulate the mind, increase concentration and organizational capacity, associate it with yellow. Depending on the function you want to give to your room, shades of blue will create an environment that is either restful or inspiring.

2. Orange – Promotes Appetite & Invites Socialization

Orange has the stimulating properties of red and yellow. It is a color that represents warmth, boldness, and radiance. This joyful color with a strong personality gives dynamism and presence to the decor. It is suitable for bedrooms, living rooms, entrances, and kitchens since this color promotes appetite and invites socialization.

You have to be careful not to abuse it too much since it can be invasive. Orange goes well with gray because gray breaks up its showy effect and makes it look more elegant. Being its complementary color, blue will make orange stand out. For those to whom this color seems too bright, shades such as terracotta, peach or amber will suit better, while retaining the qualities mentioned above. Can’t decide which color to choose? Book the best painter in Karachi and get a free consultation from experienced professionals in your area to make a well-informed decision.

3. The White – Induces Peace, Calm, Serenity & Purity

White gives a sense of clarity and enlargement in a room. This color encourages storage and is a symbol of cleanliness. Since white has the particularity of being elegant and giving freshness, it is suitable for all rooms in the house.

4.  The Green – Introduces Freshness & Balance

Green evokes nature, calm, and harmony. It is at the same time peaceful, invigorating, relaxing, and balancing. This color is suitable for both a bedroom and a bathroom. Since it gives a note of freshness and well-being, green will be perfect for a room that does not receive a lot of daylight, such as the basement. It is recommended to put this color in the kitchen since it also whets the appetite.

5.  The Pink – Encourages Romanticism & Optimism

Pink is a calming color that helps to lower the level of aggression.

Being a classic color for little girls’ bedrooms, it’s perfect for a living room, office or bathroom. A light and soft pink goes wonderfully with white, beige, gray, purple as well as soft pastel tones. Painting Your room’s walls pink will give the impression of closeness and intimacy.

6.  Yellow – Creates Joyfulness & Excitement

Yellow promotes communication and activates memory. It is an invigorating color, warm but not exciting. It is also a color that promotes the assimilation of new ideas and the ability to understand different points of view. It is for this reason that yellow is an excellent choice for an office.

Consider using it in combination with a color that brings a little security and calm, such as blue, because yellow used alone and in large quantities could be too stimulating for the nervous system. Since this color has the particularity of bringing in light, it is perfect for all rooms in the house, especially for the basement or the ground floor.

7. The Brown – Magnifies Tradition but Spaces Too

Brown is a color that is often associated with the animal and plant world since it is the color of the earth and the fur of animals. It is for this reason that brown symbolizes tradition, authenticity, comfort, and solidity. Having the particularity of being welcoming and refined, this color is suitable for living rooms, bedrooms, bathrooms, and kitchens.

On the other hand, it is not suitable for small rooms, because brown gives an effect of bringing the walls closer together. This shade goes well with all neutral colors such as white or cream. It can also be associated with blue, green, yellow, or orange.

Brown is a tricky color and you should search for painter services near me to get a consultation before making the regrettable decision of painting your home brown.

8.  Black – Invokes Elegance but Stuffiness Too

Black symbolizes sophistication, elegance, and mystery, but can also give a feeling of stuffiness. It has the particularity of highlighting the other colors as well as the textures that are nearby. It is suitable for all rooms in the house. However, it is better not to abuse it too much, because it could become difficult to live on a daily basis in such an environment.

9.  Grey – Advocates Elegance, Discretion & Wisdom

Gray evokes elegance, discretion, and wisdom. Since it is a dull color, the meanings associated with gray are rather negative such as sadness, loneliness, monotony, and helplessness. On the other hand, gray can be very elegant in a room and is suitable for all decors and rooms in the house. You just have to avoid putting this color in poorly lit rooms, because it could darken them.

10.  The Red – Provokes Love & Seduction but Anger Too

A warm, energizing, and activating color, it has a stimulating effect that makes it a perfect color for rooms where movement and activity are high, such as the entrance hall, stairs, gymnasium as well as kitchen.

On the other hand, certain shades of red can irritate and even provoke anger. It is for this reason that it is not necessary to paint an entire wall in order to take advantage of the benefits of this color. If you are afraid of the impact of red on your room, you can use it to make it an intermediate or accent shade.

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11.  Purple – Triggers Creativity & Indulgence

Violet stimulates and embodies balance in addition to calming your mind. Also, it introduces a refreshing, sensual, and spiritual in your home feel. Purple is a royal color that represents subtlety, mystery, protection, and luxury. It is a cold type color but, depending on the hues, it can be considered a warm color.

Very easy to combine, it complements perfectly with yellow. Purple is utilized for creating a theatrical aura, as it represents creativity. This color is suitable for all rooms in the house in addition to a place intended for prayer or meditation. Although, you should keep in mind that the darker the shade, the smaller your room will appear.