3 Biggest Challenges Faced by the People of Karachi

Living in Karachi offers an amalgamation of opportunities and challenges. The largest city of Pakistan has beautiful sites and excellent imports breeding employment opportunities, which make you want to live there. However, saying that living in Karachi doesn’t pose some challenges will not be fair with the people suffering the city’s shortcomings.

In the article, we will learn about the things that make the life of Karachi difficult. Keep reading to know about those challenges and their viable solutions.

House Fires & Short Circuits

Poor or old wiring is an important problem in Pakistan at large. Although, the people of Karachi are facing more severe cases of this problem because the city has never had credible political attention. This is a dangerous issue as old and faulty house wiring can lead to house fires, which can cost people lives in the worst-case scenario.

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High Temperature, Humidity & Air Pollution

Being on the shore, lack of forestation and air pollution are among the most pertinent causes of heat and humidity in the crowded city. All the mentioned factors contribute to the yearlong high temperature in Karachi.

The temperature rises with every passing year, causing trouble for the citizens. There is a dire need for measures that can help ease their lives. Well, nothing can be done regarding the humidity as the sea will be where it is, but air pollution can be controlled. We can save the trees and plant new ones for healthier air and lowered temperature. However, it sounds like a long-term effect, and for immediately rectifying the situation, you can book a professional AC technician through us.

Getting a fully functional AC not only makes your personal and professional life more convenient but also saves you from prevalent issues like heat stroke.

Water shortage Issues

According to research conducted in 2017, the population of Karachi is 14.91 million. The amount of water required for catering to the needs of the city’s people is about 600 million gallons/per day. However, currently, the city receives about 435 million only, which causes a shortage of drinking and clean water.

There are mainly two causes of water shortage: poor sewerage infrastructure and dilapidated water supply. Such reasons need to be dealt with on an individual level and wind up to the collective ones.

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