8 Common Mistakes to Avoid During Car Wash

There’s nothing like a good hand wash to restore your car’s shine! Especially since washing your bodywork also protects the paint from daily aggressions. But there are a few pitfalls that are easy to fall into and will harm the look and resale value of your car big time.

To avoid damage to your car, you can either book at home car wash services through us or wash the car yourself while keeping important tips in mind. Whether it is a new or an old vehicle, you have both these options at your expense. In case you decide to go for the second option and have the time and energy required for the wash, here are the mistakes that you need to look out for in a perfect car wash:

1. Don’t Wash Your Car in the Sun

Suppose you embark on a significant cleaning, park in the shade, especially in summer! The heat would otherwise cause your water to dry out before you have time to wipe it up, leaving traces of limescale and dust remnants.

2. Do Not Use Conventional Detergents

We do not improvise car shampoo! It can be tempting to use dishwashing liquid, soap, or another type of detergent, to avoid buying yet another specific product. But that means taking the risk of a product that is too aggressive, which could eat away your paint.

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3. Do Not Use a Single Bucket

When you use only one bucket filled with water and your shampoo mixture, the dirt, impurities, and micro-grit that you remove with your sponge will immediately return to your bodywork! Worse, they can scratch the varnish by remaining on your sponge. Therefore, it is advisable to use two buckets: one with clear water to rinse your sponge, the other with your cleaning mixture. Wash your sponge the first, wring it well, then soak it in your solution.

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4. Don’t Try to Wash Everything All at Once

Proceed by zones: the roof, the hood, the bumpers, the doors, etc. Otherwise, the water could dry out before you’ve finished the rest and leave nasty streaks as it evaporates.

5. Remember the Correct Washing Order

When you douse your car with water before washing it, do so from the bottom up to inhibit contaminated water from dripping onto the parts you have just rinsed. Then start by washing the rims one by one with a bucket and a special sponge. They are indeed dirtier and present more dust which could scratch the bodywork. Then wash and rinse your car by zone, inside.

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6.  Do Not Dry Your Car with a Conventional Dish Towel

Instead, use a chamois leather or microfiber cloth to remove all the impurities present on your bodywork and avoid creating micro-scratches. If you opt for a chamois, don’t forget to moisten it before using it.

7. Don’t Forget to Protect Your Bodywork After Washing

Once your bodywork has been properly cleaned, it is vulnerable. Apply a protective wax, with a polisher or with your hand. However, the latter will be a better barrier between the varnish and everyday dirt (droppings, resin, tar, etc.), saving them from sticking.

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8. Don’t Wash Your Car When It’s Too Hot or Too Cold

Too hot, and the dirty water can evaporate, leaving nasty streaks. Too cold, and it can freeze. Also, cleaning a car during a cold snap or a heatwave poses a risk to your health! Avoid washing at temperatures below 5°C and above 30°C.