Top 7 Makeup Tips For Beginners

When applying makeup, should you start with the complexion or the eyes? Is lip makeup at the beginning or at the end? Makeup removal: optional or systematic? So many questions that we have all asked ourselves. Here is, step by step, the makeup ritual to adopt.

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Step 1: Cleanse Your Skin 

An excellent facial care routine starts with daily cleansing. To avoid damaging your skin and get your day off to a good start, choose a gentle cleanser. Then, for a toning and tightening effect, spray a good toner. Its soothing and anti-irritant properties will gently soften your skin.

Step 2: Hydrate Your Skin

This step is essential. Well-hydrated skin is the backdrop that will protect your skin and even allow it to receive your makeup. Daily hydration has many benefits:

  • A moisturizer, thanks to its gel texture, will awaken the complexion.
  • Hydration helps fight against small annoyances such as redness, dehydration streaks, or dull complexion.
  • Make-up sets are better on well-hydrated skin. So your foundation will hold perfectly.
  • A gesture that applies to the skin, eye contour, and even the lips.
  • The base before my make-up routine is the application of moisturizer. This is the secret to high-quality, long-lasting makeup!

Before booking party makeup services at home, cleanse and moisturize your skin earlier that day to ensure a better glow and stay.

Step 3: Conceal Your Defects

There are two approaches to correct redness, dark circles, and other imperfections: either apply the concealer before the foundation or do it after. The advantage of using a corrective product first allows you to be able, subsequently, to have a lighter hand on the make-up of the complexion and thus guarantee the most natural result possible.

How to apply your concealer? Which shade to choose according to your minor flaws? We will explain everything to you.

Step 4: Unify Your Complexion

This will help you to display a splendid look. You still have to choose the right foundation. It should not be too light or dark, depending on your skin tone. Don’t overlook its shape. Which one will suit you best: cream, fluid, or compact? And how to apply your product to make it as natural as possible: by hand, with a brush, with a sponge? Follow our advice. Or you can search for a professional online using the keywords “makeup services near me” to seek expert consultation for the choice of concealer and its application techniques.

Step 5: Sublimate Your Look

Sublimate Your Look

Contrary to what one might imagine, eye makeup is not limited to mascara application. We often forget them, but the eyebrows are crucial to sublimate the look. Your eyelids also deserve your full attention. How do “work” your eyebrows? How to enhance droopy eyelids? How to intensify your eyes with mascara?

Here are the answers.

Always finish your complexion makeup by applying powder with a brush. It’s the final touch that will fix your makeup and enhance it. But which powder to choose? If your skin is oily, prefer translucent mosaic powder, which will mattify your skin. The light mosaic powder is ideal for illuminating your complexion.

Step 6: Last Touch: Enhance Your Lips

The lips are the glamorous touch of any make-up. Why end with them? You will be able to adapt its shade to the intensity of your make-up. And even your clothes. How to proceed? Should I start with lipstick? How to give volume to lips that are too thin? Can I apply makeup if they are damaged? You can search for makeup appointments near me online and get all your answers from a professional in a hassle-free way.

Step 7: Makeup Removal: The Essential Step

The Essential Step

“I’ll take my makeup off tomorrow!”

Let’s face it. We have all shown, at least once, procrastination when it comes to removing makeup. However, it is essential not to neglect this step. It should become a reflex. By removing your make-up every evening, you will eliminate the impurities accumulated during the day and limit the obstruction of your pores. Your skin will breathe better and retain its youth for longer.