Top 5 Reasons to Clean Your Water Tank

They say you must clean your water tank every six months to avoid adverse health effects. You ask how a water tank can impact your health while you are not using the water for drinking. Well, you are using water to clean your clothes and dishes, right? So, it makes sense how it can have detrimental health effects if contaminated.

How Often Should You Clean Your Water Tank?

Health care specialists say you should book water tank cleaning services every six months to carry out internal inspection and cleaning. Whether you have a cement or plastic water tank, this is the timeline you must follow.

Are You Cleaning Your Water Tank Regularly?

Yes? No? If your answer is the latter one, you have to understand that it is the cause of many health problems you are facing. For instance, are you experiencing severe hair fall? Is your skin often irritated for no reason? Do you experience rashes now and then? And are you and people at your home having stomach issues for no apparent reason? All these problems have one root cause, which is the one due to which you choose the later answer as no.

What Happens If You Don’t Clean Your Water Tank Periodically?

Here are some of the health hazards and problems that you will be facing if you do not follow a cleaning routine for your water tank religiously:

1. It becomes Breeding Ground for Bacteria

Not getting your water tank cleaned makes it a breeding ground for all kinds of bacteria. Moreover, silt deposits, mold, and dirt also accumulate inside the tank, making it susceptible to contamination and unfit for consumption and daily use.

2. It Can Cause Water-borne Diseases

It is true! An uncleaned water tank can have detrimental effects on your health too. If you do not get your water tank cleaned for long, using contaminated water can cause you and your family illnesses like poisoning, cholera, typhoid, and diarrhea. And it does not matter if you do not use the water for drinking. Yes, you can get sick even if you use the water to wash dishes.

3. It Can Cause Hair & Skin Problems

That’s right! If you do not get your water tank cleaned on time, the debris will give birth to bacteria causing you hair and skin issues like hair fall to the extent of baldness and skin rashes to the extent of severe infections.

4.  It Will Catch Rust Over Time

Have you noticed the brownish tinge on the taps in your kitchen and bathroom? This is called rusting. It can also accumulate inside your water tank, putting it at risk of carrying pathogenic micro-organisms. These organisms gain access and enter your tank through a host that can be a rodent, an insect, or other aquatic organisms if your tank is not properly covered.

What are the Benefits of Cleaning Your Water Tank Periodically?

Now let’s discuss how rewarding it will be for you to follow a cleaning schedule for your water tank:

1.  Happy & Healthy Skin

You will not have to worry about rashes or skin infections. Neither will you have to worry about the acne or pimples that you get because of the use of contaminated water for bathing and washing your face.

2.  No Stomach Issues

Your stomach will not be at the risk of the water-borne diseases that get to you through water used for washing dishes.

3.  No Baldness & Hair Problems

You will not be at risk of baldness if you book water tank cleaning services every six months. At least not because of the contaminated water you use for bathing, and there will be a considerable difference in the volume of your hair.

4.  No Extensive Repairing Cost

Cleaning your water tank in time helps you save the last-minute repair costs. The corrosion and rust can worsen with every passing day you go without booking the cleaning services for your tank.

Key Takeaways!!!

Now we understand the importance of cleaning and the repercussion of not cleaning your water tank. It is time to book the best professionals in your area by searching online with the keywords water tank cleaning near me or booking through Mahir Company App. What are you waiting for? Let’s do it!