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Home Maintence and Personal Care

UPS stopped working during the zoom meeting. In-laws are coming in the evening, and you are not waxed. The temperature is 15 degrees, and your geyser stopped working. You have office till six, and at eight you have to attend an event but what about the party makeup? Have a wedding to attend this weekend but no time for the car wash.

These are the emergencies we all dread! These and so many other emergencies call for immediate support.

However, most of us are deprived of the urgent support that such drastic times demand. Why? Because the local professionals we rely on do not offer efficiency and reliability.

Some Thoughts Popping in Your Mind Right Now

No matter which gender, strata, or professional we belong to, here are thoughts we have during home and personal care emergencies:

I Can Find a Professional in the Market

But You Should Not!

I mean, you can travel to the market and spend hours searching for the best professionals for your home and personal care needs. But the one you find might just partially solve your problem and leave you in the lurk. Causing you a lot of stress and a hefty amount on future repairs. You will rarely see them again. Hence a local hand-picked home or personal care provider make an emergency worth dreading.

I Can ask Friends and Family to Refer Someone

Well, It is Not a Good Idea!

Why? Because in most of the cases, the people they will refer are going to make you wait endlessly. No matter how many calls you make, they will keep ditching you and come according to their convenience. But you are in an emergency. You cannot afford any mis commitment.

Feel devastated? Don’t worry! We offer:

A Reliable Solution for Home & Personal Care Emergencies – Mr. Mahir App

This app is undoubtedly a source of relief. No matter what home or personal care emergencies you face, it can help you out.

Let us talk about the best features of Mr. Mahir app which makes it worthy of your trust:

1. Wide Range of Services

Mr Mhir Services

You can book 161+ home and 38+ personal care services through this app. Amazing, right? If you need a plumber, electrician, cleaner, painter, carpenter, handyman, AC/geyser technician, and home appliances professional, we have got you covered.

On the other hand, for Personal Care Services like Waxing Services, Facial Services, Mani-Pedi Services, Hair Treatment Services, Makeup Services, and Massage Services, the Mr. Mahir app is your one-stop-shop.

Hence, with us, you can book any service of your choice at home.

2. Experienced and Trained Professionals

We have 55,00+ home and personal care services providers registered with us. All of these professionals are well-versed in their fields.

We ensure to connect you with technicians, cleaners, and beauticians who have hands-on experience. We go a step further to make our professionals the right choice for your emergencies by conducting weekly training sessions. During these sessions, our professional trainers impart soft skills to the service providers to help them meet their unique needs. Why? Because we promise 100% customer satisfaction.

3.  User-friendly App – Booking In 3 Clicks

We aim to make home and personal care services more easily accessible to our customers. The Mr. Mahir app empowers you to book 199+ services in just three clicks. It is designed to make life simpler for you!

4.  Verified Professionals & Online Testimonials

We stand by our commitment to high-quality and customers safety. How? The professionals who register with us, have to go through a comprehensive verification process during registration.

Also, to help you make a confident decision, we have provided online customer testimonials. You can read these testimonials online on the app store and Mr. Mahir’s social media and website.

Rest assured that the professionals we connect you to will meet your unique needs while keeping the sanctity of your home intact.

5.  Unrivaled Efficiency – 60 Mins Arrival Time

Yes, that’s right! You can get home and personal care services providers at your doorstep in just 60 mins. This means you do not have to wait for days for help or make multiple calls to check if the professional is coming or not.

6.  Market Competitive Prices & Cash Payment

To make things easier for you, we offer cash payment. Although we are sure that you will find our prices very affordable, however, if you have any discrepancies, feel free to cross-check. One more thing, there are no hidden charges!

7.  Uncompromised Customer Support

Now, this is an important strength of Mr. Mahir. When you book a professional using the Mr. Mahir app, you are promised responsive and vigilant customer support 24/7. You have a complaint, question, or suggestion, our CS team will be all ears and on its toes.

8. Mahir App – 100k+ Installs & 4.3 Rating

Our app offers a big transition from traditional ways of booking a professional home or personal care provider to digital ones. We are moving at a good pace as out of 50,000 customers, 100k have already converted to the app. We are excited to see how the people of Pakistan are making their lives easier. We are happy to contribute to a progressive living style in Pakistan.

Download the Mr. Mahir App Now!