Mahir Collaborates With Tasdeeq Pakistan For Varification of Services Providers

Mahir Company has committed to providing hassle-free, safe, and reliable services to its customers. The on-demand home maintenance and personal care platform, in a bid to further enhance safety and instill trust in their customers, went into a collaboration with Tasdeeq Pakistan.

The purpose behind this venture is to allow customers to expect stress-free experiences and enable them to trust Mahir Company’s service providers with all their home and personal care needs.

Being one of the fastest-growing startups of Pakistan, Mahir Company is currently operational in four major cities of the country (Lahore, Karachi, Islamabad, and Rawalpindi). It offers its services through many digital mediums, including the Mahir App, which has 6000+ service providers registered.

These 6000+ service providers would be verified through Tasdeeq Pakistan and would be able to provide services through the Mahir Company’s online platforms.

Mohsin Ishfaq, Chief Executive Officer of Mahir Company, stated, “The pandemic has resulted in the proliferation of online services. Enabling customers to find solutions and service providers to look for work opportunities online. However, a major roadblock or hindrance in this process is always the lack of trust or security concerns on the part of the customers regarding letting professionals enter their homes. Over time, Mahir Company has built that trust with its customers. And our strategic partnership with Tasdeeq is an effort to take our commitment of trust and security towards our customers, to another level.”

With Tasdeeq, Mahir Company would be able to record the bio-data of their registered service providers and share it with the respected Law Enforcement Agencies. It will also allow Mahir Company to make the verifiable work history & feedback from previous employers available to ensure quality and professionalism.

Such a partnership in this industry would allow service users of Mahir Company to book home and personal care services confidently and support registered service providers in profiting from reliable earning opportunities.